Being a mom to a 21 month old, I have now learned a couple of things about where to splurge and save when it comes to planning your little one's first space.  It's tough NOT to want to spend gobs of money on your nursery since there are so many too-cute options out on the market, but here is my TOP 3 list of Splurge and Save items (according to little old moi........)


  1.  Mattress / change pad and protective covers - A great mattress and change pad are essential.  Your little one will spend soooo much time snoozing (lucky bugger!) and getting his/her diaper changed that investing the money in these items is totally worth it. And don't forget the mattress and change pad covers - they are extra but trust me you will thank me for this!
  2. Window treatments/drapes - These are so important and necessary especially during those first months when you are getting the baby used to sleeping/napping during the day.  Room darkening window treatments are a must!
  3. Books - get your little one interested in books early by making them a part of your decor. Invest in some classics and some of your faves and you too will look forward to story time. 


  1. Chair - This one tends to be somewhat controversial...and it's all personal preference really...but I was never sold on the idea of spending an absurd amount of money on a chair that will eventually be moved to the dark shadows of the basement.  The glider/rocking chair concept is also not for me (thank you motion sickness!).  I believe the most important thing about your nursery chair is that it has to be comfortable, stylish and washable/easy to clean - and all of that doesn't need to come with a $1500 price tag!
  2. Artwork - Etsy, Indigo, Animal Print shop have some amazing art prints for kids that are fun, colourful and not too kiddie-looking.  And since there are tons of affordable options you won't regret your purchase when you want to change things around as your little one gets older.
  3. Change table - Hit up your local salvage or vintage store for some unique finds or you can re-purpose a bedroom dress as the change table, and when the babe is no longer a babe you can remove the pad...and voila his/her very own grown up dresser!

Below are some of my favourite 'splurge and save items':