Living in Toronto (or any metropolitan city for that matter) can be expensive!  Real estate in this city has gone cooko-bananas and until last year I had grandiose dreams of moving from our crooked little semi to a detached palace of our dreams.  Those dreams, however, have been squashed because I do not have access to a readily available pot of gold and we have yet (yet!!!) to strike it rich with the lottery.  So we have decided to stay put in our semi and sometime down the line we will gut this sucker and create that fab family palace!  Until then we have embarked on a couple re-decorating projects.  We have been in this house for 6+ years and over time my and my husband's tastes have evolved, and until we are ready to tackle a major reno both financially and emotionally (renos are stressful! And we have a 2 year old!  'Nough said!) we are making little updates in each room so that we can enjoy our home until we pull off the reno bandaid.  

One of the more dramatic updates will be in our dining room, where we have planned a complete overhaul (albeit one that has taken us months....see above re: lack of access to pot of gold!); new table, chairs, paint, wallpaper, credenza, lighting....Phew...I'm tired!

Below are some photos of the before (as in before we moved in), what the room looked like for about 5 years, its current state and my fab plans (completion mid-June....yay!).