My crooked little house!

My crooked little house!

Being a designer/decorator, I am constantly being inspired by or working on amazing design/decor projects that it's sometimes hard to really love my own home.  I feel like I spend A LOT of time complaining and hating on our house; things like the fact that it's over 110 years old so nothing (I mean nothing) is straight, the floors creak so much it's almost like they're talking, the bathroom is old and not functional for family living, the main floor is not open so if I'm in the kitchen and my son is up to no good in the living room I can't catch him in time, the list goes on and on......Gah, see how easy it is for me to go down the hate train?!  

But today I'm feeling a bit more introspective and very grateful (note to self - feel these feelings more often!), so I thought I would make a list about the things I love about our house....

1.  I love how calm it feels despite the craziness that everyday brings with a toddler and 9 year old lab 

2.  I love that my husband I were able to meld our two design styles together to create an environment that we both enjoy

3.  I love the street and neighbourhood!  You can't choose your neighbours - how true is that?!  We are so fortunate to be able to live on an amazing street with fantastic, caring and respectful neighbours

4.  I love how excited my son gets when we pull into the garage...."Yay...home!"

5.  Most, I love the fact that I am able to celebrate the quirks of living in an old and crooked house with my little family!