It's safe to say that I am OBSESSED with much so that my husband ACTUALLY made a comment about it to me the other day..."'re really obsessed with wallpaper?!"  It's funny to me that he has JUST made that comment simply because 4 rooms in our home are wallpapered as well as the wall along the staircase leading response "uh.......ya.......I Loooooooove wallpaper". And those are the riveting discussions that take place simply because at the end of the evening after chasing around a 2 year old we only have the energy to talk about wallpaper. Ha. 

Now back to the wallpaper....What I love most about not just Fornasetti, but wallpaper in general, is how it can completely transform a space. Whether you are papering a feature wall or an entire room from floor to ceiling, wallpaper really has the ability to  elevate the overall look of your space.  Fornasetti papers are extremely special and a lot of people may think that they are 'too far out on the other side', but I say 'pashhhhah' to that!  Experimenting with design is what makes the whole process so much fun, so why not live a little and paper your powder room in that fantastic fish print?!  I will guarantee that your guests are sure to make some comments!