3 Foolproof Tips for Decorating Kids Rooms (it's not that scary!)

Decorating your little ones space can be daunting, but it really doesn't have to be!  Yes, kids are little people but until they form an opinion and become super duper bossy you can decorate their room however you want - you do hold the purse strings after all! Ha!

All kidding aside, decorating your child's space should be fun and not stressful endeavour.  Below are 3 Easy Ways to ensure you and your little bubba equally enjoy the space:

1.  Decorate with longevity in mind - Infants are little for only a short while, and while it's so tempting to purchase all those cutesy items and accessories you have to keep in check that soon enough your little baby will become a toddler or preschooler and they no longer want to stare at Sophie the Giraffe (sorry Sophie!).  Stick to artwork/frames that can be easily changed to appeal to your bubba's interests.  Neutral and un-fussy furniture and textiles also work well as it is always easier to accessorize a neutral backdrop.

2.  Choose a Neutral Paint Colour - Choosing paint colours is overwhelming in the best of times, but choosing a paint colour for a nursery when you're expecting is the equivalent of reversing your car while taking foreign language lessons! But alas - it does not have to be this way!  Trust me when I say that choosing a neutral paint colour for the room is going to alleviate so much of that decorating stress.  It will provide you with a neutral palette and save you from repainting years down the line when your little angel becomes super duper bossy and demands you paint over that bubble gum pink wall.

3.  Add Books - Ahhh.........kids books were MADE to live in kids rooms.  They're colourful, silly, and fun and can add so much to your child's space without a hefty price tag.  You can purchase picture ledges at a big box store and display your bubbas book collection across the wall - this will take up some valuable wall real-estate and add some visual interest.  And when bubba is older he/she can spend endless hours in his/her room reading....so you can have some well earned relaxation! 

And VOILA....3 Foolproof Tips for Decorating Kids Rooms........

........and Yes that is my Bubbas room...He is now 2 and we (I mean he and I) love the room so much that I don't plan to change a thing!