CLICK on the image to see the before and after VIDEO  House & Home  shot of this space!

CLICK on the image to see the before and after VIDEO House & Home shot of this space!

Preparing a decorating or renovation budget can be slightly nauseating simply because there are SO...MANY....THINGS....TO CONSIDER!  But fear not my friends, that is why I am here!  

Let's use a recently completed project, photo above (see the video House & Home shot of our work on this project).  This project included top to bottom decorating as well as some minor non-structural work and we managed to complete the project on time and on budget...how you may ask??  By following our checklist of course! 

This quick and simple checklist will provide you with an overview of the things you need to consider before spending your hard-earned cash-ola! 

1.  Identify the purpose of the room and how you will use it. Take stock of how you use your space, it will save you money in the long run!  If you do not need a home office then DO NOT SPEND MONEY creating a home office!

2.  Prioritize.  While we all want fancy and fantastic spaces but those two icky words...'budget constraints' can sometimes put a damper on our Architectural Digest dreams.  Prioritizing allows you take a realistic look at your budget and allows you to assess your needs - i.e. what is actually important....that sofa your family needs to sit on or that super fantastic designer vase?

3.  Timing.  Think about what is realistic for you and your current situation and when you would like the project completed.  A 30 minute renovation show IS NOT REAL LIFE!  Keep that in mind when putting together your list.  Sometimes it takes months for one room to be completely finished so just be patient and most importantly enjoy the process!

Over the next couple of weeks we will dissect this project and I will provide a full room by room overview of how we beautified the space and how long the process took from start to finish...and of course a source list will be included! 

Video Courtesy of House & Home