You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yes, this sounds like very cliché dating advice but oh-so-true, especially when it comes to the front entrance of your home. Regardless of whether you have a constant stream of visitors or just the FedEx guy stopping to drop off that package, a front entrance is that first hug, handshake or smile - make it memorable and a peek into what's to come.

Creating a welcoming entrance that is functional and stylin’ is something that can be achieved over one weekend.  

Weekend warriors read on if you want to Up your Welcome Game (and maybe this will entice some envy from your visitors...even the FedEx guy!):

1.  Let’s talk front door – whether you have a fab vintage door or a not-so, metal, prefab your front door is the first change-item to reno your intro.

Painting your door a rich glossy black will add some major drama and class up your place. You can also go against the grain and paint your door a vibrant lemon yellow - a colour that is sure to stand out on any street!  This is a weekend project (weather permitting) but a quick and relatively inexpensive one that can give you a great bang for your buck (ie a can of paint is much less expensive than an entirely new door).

2.  Console/Storage - this need not be an expensive item.  Try sourcing your local salvage or vintage store or even a relatives home for an unwanted cast off.  Well worn pieces look fabulous in any type of interior, from modern to traditional, and if you don't happen to like that 'aged' patina a can of paint will do wonders to revamp that piece.

3.  Designate a space for all your ‘stuff’ such as boots, shoes, dog leashes, backpacks, etc…  This could mean that you have a fantastic closet in your entry way (you lucky devil), or it could mean that you have a coat rack and some storage boxes.  Whatever you situation is, designating and maintaining ONE space for your items is key.  Spacial designation like this will prevent anxiety inducing clutter and will make it that much easier to find those mittens when it’s -20 overnight.

Take a peak at this fabulous entry way - it really is the perfect blend of trad and modern, and it's super stylin'!

Emilia Wisniewski