A recent family trip to Vermont has renewed my deep love for country living.  The mountains, the grass, the animals, not to mention - fantastically amazing interiors.  We arrived home just over a week ago and my brain is still swimming with images of fantastically chic scenery – linen, lavender, heavy duck cotton, cosy cashmere in the summer….arrrrgggh it’s like a Ralph Lauren dream 365, 24/7!

I then wake up from my dream and realize that I do not live in the Green Mountains, but a bustling and busy city and instead of getting all depress-y, I have been motivated to include some country into my own décor – in the hopes of recreating my own Ralph Lauren dream…one chic laurel crock at a time!

Take a gander below for a round-up of some of my fave Adirondack items that are sure to country-fy your space:

(P.S….my current store-love is Farmhouse Pottery in Woodstock, Vermont…..perhaps one of the nicest and freshest retail/workshop spaces I have ever visited…it even smells fantastic!)